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University has started and I promised my parents that I would put 100% effort into my studies. Meaning no more video games or other forms of distractions. To my team, I apologize that we couldn't play as much as we wanted. You all know that I promoted :iconbroddiccus: as the new team captain simply because he'd be super persistent asking me when we could play a match together. I'm not saying you guys weren't, Broddi just did it much more frequently :L

Now, this isn't goodbye for me it's just a really long, "see you later". Hopefully you guys can find a replacement Jungler/Player better than me and who knows.. maybe you guys will end up qualifying for the top 32 in Season 4 :D

I will try my best to keep in touch with you all (All meaning, LoLers and non-LoLers)!!  GLHF :3

PS: If you see me playing, I let my friend borrow my account. 
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What are you talking about wifey?
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